Friday, September 11, 2009

Preaching Horse in Ada

This is Mr. Ed, the Preaching Horse. He will perform Sunday, Sept. 20, at Ada Baptist Temple, 2120 N. Broadway.

I plan on being there. I'm also going to bring my dog Max. That way he can get witnessed to by another animal. Max has only been alive 4 years, and I still don't think he understands English very well. So, hopefully, Mr. Ed the preaching horse will be able reach Max in a way that us humans can not understand.

Max is going to Heaven!


  1. You should give max a fresh mullet before the service!

  2. It's a very pretty horse but this is nuts! lol

    If you really go get pictures!

  3. Will, do Lisa and Judd!

    Once my dog Max gets saved by hearing preaching horse's sermon, I'm going to turn Max into the very first Preaching Dog.