Monday, December 21, 2009

Blu-Ray: thumbs down.

I watched a blu-ray film last night. I seriously couldn't get into the movie for one reason: I didn't feel like I was watching a movie. Watching blu-ray is too realistic for me. Apparently, some of my friends feel the same way, so it's good to know I'm not alone. When I was watching one of the scenes, they were panning out as a car burned. Normally, I would have just been watching a movie of a car burning. On the blu-ray though, I was simply watching a car burn and people scatter on a movie set. I got the sensation I was watching a directors cut with behind the scenes footage on how the movie was made, or something. So, as a result, I will be watching poor quality films now.

Chrismas is much different these days...

I hung out with my little brother Tim, the other day. As usual, he seemed pretty focused on lusting after things (his attention is usually focused on obtaining something, rather than enjoying the present moment). I was the same way when I was a kid. Being an only child, my parents spoiled the hell out of me. Back then, everything you could ever dream of was purchasable for under $100. My happiness, just like Tim's now, depended on wanting something, getting it, being entertained for awhile, then wanting something else. It was a vicious cycle that was eventually broken around sixteen when I realized my parents didn't have the pocketbooks for my desires.

I've been sober from that mode of happiness for quite sometime, and I'm trying to show Tim the light to obtaining all that "stuff". I've found peace and joy in just simply being alive. I don't need anything really to be happy, and content. As a result, this has changed my outlook on Christmas, compared to the typical American tradition of the holiday season, and when I was a child. Back then, it was all about waking the parents at 5:00 AM to open gifts. This year I'll be getting a truly awesome gift that can't be bought with cash. I'm going to see my only living grandparent for the first time in about eight years. :)